The NSO: Alexei, also called just 'Alexei', is the first in the NSO Trilogy, and mostly focuses on Alexei's rise to power as the terrorist leader of the Inner Circle.


The film opens with Alexei, an idealistic young man, being thrown out of his flat in England for 'subversive messages'. He goes travelling around the world and amasses a large number of followers of Meritocratic Communism, whom he calls his 'Inner Circle'. Meanwhile, Inessa, a woman Alexei knew in his youth, is living with her husband in England. Alexei and his Circle give aid and supplies to war-torn areas (including Somalia and Sierra Leone) while generally encouraging leftist governments into power, often with the Inner Circle supporting them. Inessa sees her husband acting suspiciously, and follows him to a bridge on the edge of the town they live in. Alexei then instigates his 'Final Message'. He broadcasts a speech denouncing Western and Eastern feuding and their attempts at capitalism as being inferior to the general support of the masses, accusing the world of having failed much of its populace, and bitterly spitting on the failure of current governments to do what they said they would. At this moment, Inessa's husband is shot on the bridge, and Inessa is kidnapped by several masked men. Alexei's Inner Circle agents gain the permission of several of the poorer countries to rise up and join together in a fledgling New Soviet Order (NSO). Alexei is revealed to have been the one masterminding Inessa's kidnap, and he imprisons her on his boat, taking her to Africa and then dragging her onto a beach, planning to shoot her. However, he is interrupted by members of the African Defence Force, and a shootout ensues. Alexei escapes, but Inessa is secured and taken in by the NSO. Alexei then instigates a series of terrorist attacks against his 'own' NSO and the rest of the world, which radicalises the world against him. Alexei's series of terror plots cumlinated in an attempt to burn America down. This was foiled by the new General of the Conglomeration for the Capture of Comrade 'Alexei' (or GCCCA), 'Mr. Smith'. At the close of the film, we see Inessa being appointed EPW of the NSO.


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