The 'Noble Sixteen' were the sixteen most trusted members of 'Alexei's Inner Circle, who supported him through everything.


The Noible Sixteen were formed from the sixteen members of Alexei's Inner Circle whom he trusted with his life. Unlike the majority of the Circle, the Noble Sixteen were relatively non-radical, at least compared to their compatriots.The Noble Sixteen were overtly the pilots, navigators and genral sailors of Lenin's Wrath, Alexei's boat and broadcast station. Even the rest of the Inner Circle did not know of the Noble Sixteen's pride of place. These men and women accompanied Alexei and protected him during the shootout in Africa.

Betrayal of the Inner CircleEdit

When Alexei decided to remove the Inner Circle after meeting Sally and havng the Circle depose the EPW of the NSO and her counsellors, the Noble Sixteen supported him in this. They put a ring round the House of the People where the EPW was held captive, and also protected the hotel in which Sally was esconsed. When Alexei single handedly killed the Inner Circle, the Noble Sixteen were there to escort him away.

The Marshes of RussiaEdit

Alexei was finally hunted down by the GCCCA, the organisation sent specifically to deal with him. Cornered in the marshes of Russia, Alexei, Sally and the Noble Sixteen were forced to live like animals in the mud and reeds for several weeks. Alexei developed a lung complaint, and eventually a breakout was decided upon. While Alexei was able to escape, three of the Noble Sixteen were shot trying to cover and defend him, and a further four, along with Sally, were captured. These four were then shot on live television, along with a video of Sally begging for her life, trying to lure Alexei into the NSO's clutches.


Alexei, swearing vengeance for the public humiliation of his wife, went aong to meet with the EPW. His Noble Sixteen, meanwhile, planted C4 around the building, and waited. They eventually saw Alexei being carried out by Smith, the head of the GCCCA, and the EPW, with Sally walking along behind. The two laid Alexei down, but the terrorist suddenly pulled out a gun and shot at Smith and the EPW, wounding them both. He then detonated the C4 and knocked over the still standing EPW, and he and Sally leapt into the boat moored by the remainder of the Noble Sixteen, and sailed off into the horizen, for a comparatively peaceful life elsewhere.


These are the sixteen members as they are called in the film series. These may be codenames, or real names, or nickname, and where two names are given this is how they are referred to at some point.

  • 'Alexander', effective head of the Noble Sixteen, was part of the bridge shooting.
  • 'Ruth'
  • 'Kerensky', died during the marshes breakout after he killed three GCCCA men with a Molotov cocktail.
  • 'Sarah Pudlitz'
  • 'Seagull'
  • 'Valvolnir'
  • 'John Freeman'
  • 'Karakkerik'
  • 'Bear'
  • 'Hugo'
  • 'Lee Kris'
  • 'Maryian Smith'
  • 'Rivers'
  • 'Henri Triples'
  • 'Wilfred'
  • 'Valer'


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