The Innr Circle was a terrorist and government group of guerrillas turned advisors who worked for 'Alexei'.


The Inner Circle was founded and lead by Alexei, a Meritocratic Communist. It was composed of radical communists, socialists, terrorists and anarchists, all of whom shared some form of vision of the future world with Alexei. Alexei used these men and women to infiltrate various third-world governments to further his plan for world domination. Key among his advisors were the so-called 'Noble Sixteen', Alexei's most trusted advisors.

First StepsEdit

The Inner Circle first acted as aid-givers and freedom fighters in war-torn countries, espeically third world African ones (Sierra Leone and Somalia, specifically). Here, they fought to defend the ordinary people, waging war against corrupt governemnt and other guerrilla forces equally. They also supplied food, water and health to the ordinary people. WHile this was going on, Alexei took several members of his Noble Sixteen to a bridge in London, where they sniped Inessa's husband as he and his wife crossed the bridge.

Take overEdit

When Alexei felt that the subversion of the third world countries had conpleted sufficiently, he launched his 'Final Message'. The Inner Circle on Lenin's Wrath aided him in this. Some of them had kidnapped Inessa from her hotel room, and carried her aboard the ship. The members within governments, upon hearing the Message, rose up and unified the governments of their respective countries into the New Soviet Order. Dissenters and those who resisted were shot. The NSO then declared war on Alexei after he 'attacked' one of their defence forces and then blew up a village (actually the attack and terrorism had been pre-planned).

The NSOEdit

The Inner Circle appointed the newly-rescued Inessa as head of their NSO. They launched a campagin trying to hunt down Alexei, who was commiting random acts of terrorism upon the world in general. The NSO also launched attacks against other major powers, weakened by Alexei's terror campaign. The NSO eventually practically had control of the world, with Inessa at their head as the EPW. When Alexei tried to burn down America, he was stopped by an NSO Inner Circle detachment lead by a shadowy non-Inner Circle member called 'Mr. Smith'. Worried, however, by the nearness of the capture of Alexei, the Inner Circle decided to fight back against Inessa's government.

The AttemptsEdit

The Inner Circle convinced several anti-NSO rebels in Poland to rise up, chanting anti-Inessa and anti-NSO slogans. These soon turned into marches and then arson attacks against NSO forces. Finally, the Counter-Polish forces fled into the forests of poland and waged guerrilla warfare against the NSO invaders. The Second Encroachement of Poland had begun. Alexei, with his new wife Sally, had just been married in Poland as the NSO marched in. The Inner Circle plan was to give him the opportunity to subvert and use the NSO troops to crush the Counter-Polish, and then establish a coup against Inessa and her non-Inner Circle advisors. However, Alexei proved unwilling to leave Sally, and the coup plans came to nothing. Alexei fled Poland with Sally, and continued his terror tactics with her in tow. The Inner Circle, bemused at Alexei's failure, launched blocking strikes of his raid on South Africa to try and make him execute his plan. This had the desired effect, forcing Alexei to issue his coup instructions to the Inner Circle. They then deposed Inessa, invading the House of the People and holding her and the Great Soviet hostage.


Alexei arrived at the House of the People, unarmed and with Sally having been left behind in a hotel room. He had no intention of deposing Inessa. Unknown to the Inner Circle, Alexei felt they had become too powerful and too radical, and wanted them all dead. He marched into the building, and, taking a USP .45 from one guard and then an AK-47 from another, the leader of the Inner Circle began and ended their destruction almost single handedly. After shooting up the confused and understandably hesitant Inner Circle members, Alexei released Inessa, attempting to win her support and forgiveness. She refused, however, and Alexei left to get Sally in a rage.

The Noble SixteenEdit

The Noble Sixteen, however, had been spared by Alexei, and they continued to assist him, knowing that they were in his full confidence. The members of this group aided Alexei on his flight and escape from the NSO in the marshes of Russia, and also on his and Sally's escape from Inessa and Smith outside the EPW's study. They presumably sailed off and lived with or near Alexei and Sally for the rest of their lives.


The Inner Circle were replaced in the NSO system by ECTOR, who took over most of their duties (and the duties that ECTOR had had before the fall of the Inner Circle were passed down to the GCCCA). For Alexei, the duties that the Inner Circle had provided were supplied by his Noble Sixteen.

Equipment and weaponryEdit

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