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'Alexei' (his real name is never revealed) was the founder of the NSO, and then its most hated enemy. He is the protaganist of all three films of the trilogy, and much of the story is told from his perspective.

Early LifeEdit

Little of Alexei's early life is revealed through the narrative, though we do know that he was born in England (and was English, despite the name). He seems to have been a Meritocratic Communist from an early age, and he explicitally claims to have known Inessa for that long when the two meet, though there is some evidence (from his discussion with his 'old friends' in Inessa) that he only adopted the 'eternal revolution' doctrine later in life.

The Formation of the Inner CircleEdit

Alexei travelled around and amassed a large number of followers of his ideas, which he called his 'Inner Circle'. These were men and women who supported Alexei's ideas and would follow him into hell and back. Many of them were more radical than he was, and Alexei placed them in strategic places to work their way into government positions and the like. Alexei himself did not engage in political campaigns, instead resorting to broadcasting messages of leftist hope from his boat, crewed by his 'Noble Sixteen', the sixteen members of his Inner Circle he trusted the most. He gave aid and supplies to war-torn areas (including Somalia and Sierra Leone) while generally encouraging leftist governments into power, often with his Inner Circle supporting them. He is known at this point to have helped kill Inessa's husband with sniper fire on a bridge.

The Final MessageEdit

Alexei then instigated his 'Final Message. He broadcast a speech denouncing Western and Eastern feuding and their attempts at capitalism as being inferior to the general support of the masses. He also accused the world of having failed much of its populace, and bitterly decried the failure of current governments to do what they said they would. Alexei threatened to bring down the world to save it. At the same time, his Inner Circle agents gained the permission of several of the poorer countries to rise up and join together in a fledgling New Soviet Order (NSO). Alexei also kidnapped 'Codename Inessa' and imprisoned her on his boat, taking her to Africa and then dragging her onto a beach in Africa, apparently to shoot her. However, he was interrupted by members of the African Defence Force, and a shootout ensued. Alexei escaped, but the captive was secured and taken in by the NSO.

The TerrorismEdit

Alexei then instigated a series of terrorist attacks against his 'own' NSO and the rest of the world. This radicalised everybody against him, and set up the basis for the eventual New Soviet Empire he had planned out, where the world would be ruled by an EPW. His grand terrorism involved burning a lot of things, stemming from Alexei's philosophy of 'Representational terrorism', and this, along with his use of mercenaries and other dubious characters, made him hated throughout the world. Alexei's series of terror plots cumlinated in an attempt to burn America down, This was foiled by the new General of the Conglomeration for the Capture of Comrade 'Alexei' (or GCCCA), 'Mr. Smith'.


Alexei's rampage was temporarily calmed by his meeting with 'Sally', his future wife. Alexei was visiting Moscow in secret, and he went into Lenin's Mausoleum. There, he saw Sally, and the two went for a drink in one of the cafés just off Red Square. Nearly caught by the forces of the NSO (who had by this time exploited the confusion of Alexei's terrorism to take parts of Russia and eastern Europe), the two escaped into Poland, just ahead of the approaching NSO forces going to put down revolution. There, they were married. Alexei and Sally fled from the Second Encroachment of Poland, and Alexei continued his terror tactics with Sally in tow.

The Beginning of the EndEdit

By this time, the NSO was beginning to get wise to Alexei's plots. After an aborted raid on South Africa, Alexei realised that it was only a matter of time until he was caught or killed, unless he did something. He decided to do something. Alexei sent a secret message to the Inner Circle members who were part of the (now world ruling) NSO, and told them it was time to execute his plan. The Inner Circle complied with their instructions, deposing the EPW (who was, by this time, Inessa), and holding her and the Great Soviet hostage inside the House of the People. However, it was at this point that Alexei revealed his real plan. Having assembled the Inner Circle in one place, he proceeded to almost single handedly kill them, taking a USP .45 and then an AK-47 off guards and using them to slaughter the mostly unarmed Inner Circle members. Alexei then released the EPW and her advisors, telling them he wanted to 'send a message, not create a bloodbath'. The EPW challenged him, saying that he had 'already created a bloodbath' and that it was 'far too late for anything but extermination'. Alexei, angered at the lack of gratitude, left the building before ECTOR could arrive, fading back into hiding.

The Mortality CrisisEdit

Shortly after this incident, the NSO and the GCCCA finally caught up with Alexei. Besieged with Sally in the marshes of Russia, Alexei laid low for several weeks, eventually developing a very serious fever with wrecked his health. Sally tried to care for him in this time, but, alone and abandoned, she had neither the skill nor the medicine to help her husband. Alexei developed a lung complaint which would never leave him for the rest of his life. Eventually, Alexei and Sally mounted an attack on one of the staging posts of the NSO, and managed, with the help of Alexei's last few remaining followers, to blow up the base camp and escape. However, Sally and four other members of Alexei's Noble Sixteen were captured as they tried to escape, and another three of the Sixteen were shot.

The Locked DoorEdit

The EPW and the GCCCA grabbed their chance. Broadcasting on all frequencies, they sent a hostage message from Sally begging for her life, as well as showing them shooting all four of his Noble Sixteen that they had arrested. Alexei was, understandably, furious. He fired up his broadcaster on Lenin's Wrath, and sent his own message. In it, he threatened to destroy the world if Sally was not released. A link was set up between Inessa and Alexei, and the two agreed to a meeting, with only Alexei, Sally, Inessa and Smith present. Alexei, suspecting a trap, asked for proof that he could trust them, and Inessa called on their past history to tell him that he could trust her. Alexei agreed. Escorted by a heavily armoured car personally driven by Mr. Smith, Alexei was taken to the House of the People, and, in the EPW's study, reunited with his wife. The door of the study was then sealed shut, and the four sat down to talk.

The TalksEdit

The talks, understandably, degenerated into arguments. Alexei was furious about the treatment of his wife, Sally was angered by her torture, the EPW finally had Alexei in her clutches and could unload her frustration and hurt at his manipulation of everybody involved, and the GCCCA 'Mr. Smith' had the greatest terrorist in the NSO and his wife in a locked room in front of him. These simmering tensions made any compromise impossible. All of the participants barring Sally had brought guns to this meeting, Alexei carrying a Five-seveN, and these were now drawn. A two-on-two standoff ensued. Alexei, happy at the creation of his NSO, only wanted to see the GCCCA suffer for what he had done to Sally, but he was also aware that Sally was in danger, and he wanted her to be safe too. The EPW was both concerned for her own safety and angry at the impudence of the terrorist who thought he could walk in and claim the moral high ground. This resulted in first the EPW, then Alexei and finally Smith drawing weapons. The final shots of the conflict were about to be exchanged.

The Final ShotsEdit

Alexei, terrified of his unarmed wife being killed, fired. His first shot hit the table next to the EPW, his second grazed her leg and spun her round. At that moment she too fired along with Smith, their bullets respectively smashing a lamp and slamming into Alexei's right shoulder, spinning him round onto the floor. After this initial exchange, both Inessa and Alexei scrambled into cover. Smith stayed standing in the open, unafraid and unhurt. Alexei, his right arm practically unusable, shouted out that 'everybody burns' and that whatever happened, he won. He revealed he had orchestrated everything, from the terrorism to the betrayal of the Inner Circle, and that even now, the final member of his Noble Sixteen was preparing to announce the deaths of Alexei, Sally, Smith and the EPW, and place the 'true leader' as EPW. This final betrayal and machination was too much for Sally. She turned on Alexei, accusing him of scheming at the expense of the lives and practicalities of those who worked for him, inlcuding her. Alexei, trying to hold everything together, raised his pistol to kill Inessa, only to have Sally herself shoot him in the hand to stop him. Smith and Inessa took this as their chance to fire too, hitting Alexei in the chest twice. The terrorist tried desperately to raise his handgun, but Sally hit him again in the left arm. Alexei was left coughing on the floor, bleeding slowly, shot five times in total.

The EndEdit

With Alexei incapacitated, Smith stepped forward to finish him off, but Sally stopped him. As the terrorist's wife approached him, Alexei tried to talk to her. He told her that she hadn't let him finish, that when he, her, the EPW and Smith were presumed dead, he and her could retire in secrecy to Norfolk and live on a canal boat in the Broads. Sally, horrified at her actions, stepped back from the badly injured Alexei. Smith tried to finish off Alexei, but Sally blindly fired at him, forcing him to take cover. Inessa, getting to her feet, told Smith and Sally to lay down their weapons. Both reluctantly did so. Between them, the three carried the badly wounded terrorist out of the office and down to the river that ran alongside it. Smith, knowing that Alexei was bleeding out, was content to wait for his nemsis to die, and Inessa felt Alexei had suffered and created enough suffering. Sally, horrified at her actions, meekly followed the two along the riverbank, supporting Alexei.

Everybody BurnsEdit

The three laid Alexei down by the riverbank, coughing and gasping as the life ebbed out of him. The terrorist looked up and motioned Sally closer. He told her she wasn't to be blamed for any of it, and that he was sorry. Sally told him he didn't have anything to be sorry for. Alexei then gave her a reason. Pulling himself up by her breast, he whipped out an ASP he'd been carrying underneath his suit, and fired. Two shot at Smith, who went down, and one which clipped Inessa's leg. Alexei scrambled to stand up, leaning on Sally. The two began to scramble off, only to be stopped by Inessa pointing her P99 at them. Alexei hesitated for a moment, then detonated the explosives that the remainder of his Sixteen had planted round the House of the People. The blast knocked Inessa over, and allowed Alexei, coughing up blood by this time, and Sally to jump into the boat which pulled up at this moment. Alexei collapsed coughing but alive, and he and Sally, along with his remaining Noble Sixteen, sailed off into the distance, their careers and pupose fulfilled.





Alexei favoured shock tactics and raw terrorism combined with manipulation and betrayal to gain his aims. His handling of the Inner Circle and all his plots to get to the heart of the NSO showed his adept management of peolpe, but the unravelling of his schemes by Sally pointed to the one major flaw in his ideas - the emotional need he had for a companion. This was the undoing of his whole plan in the end, and his weakness for Sally lead him straight into the trap set by Inessa.

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